Carolina volleyball camps always place a premium on learning and applying the skills of volleyball. Our staff will teach, demonstrate, and provide important feedback to help athletes improve in all aspects of the game. Our goal is to use a combination of individual skill development, multi-contact drills, and competitive sessions to apply the learned skills.

Achieve Your Athletic Goals

Carolina volleyball camps always place a premium on learning and applying the skills of volleyball.



All campers will reside at Granville Towers for the duration of camp. (919) 370-4500 Emergency ONLY! Campers MUST provide their own: PILLOW, BLANKET, BED LINEN, and TOWELS. The dormitory (Granville) is air-conditioned so you will not need to bring a fan. All campers are required to pay a $40 KEY DEPOSIT in cash which the camper will receive at Check-Out when they return their key. You will be assigned a roommate at registration if you have not already requested one. There are 2 people to a room, and 4 share the suite, every camper will always have their own bed.
No, no, yes. This is a college dorm, no refrigerator is needed, there are TV’s on every floor lounge, and public phones located in the lobby.
All mealswill be provided in the Granville dining facilities.
Only a parent or legal guardian may pick up their daughter from camp. If permission is provided, then a signed permission form must be on file with the camp director’s office at registration.
Yes they are. The dining facility at Granville serves sandwiches, pastas, vegetables, fruits, cereals, eggs, etc. and an extensive salad bar at every lunch and dinner.
Staff members reside in the dorms with the campers, usually 4-6 staff counselors are responsible per floor. Each counselor’s room is easily identified. Trainers and Camp administrators also reside in the dorm should a camper need emergency access to medical assistance, phone, etc. Discipline problems (curfews, rules & regulations) are handled by calling the parent immediately, no matter the hour!
Comfortable workout clothes, plenty of T-shirts (at least 3 per day), shorts, socks. It will be warm in the gyms in July, and you will be working hard. Volleyball shoes or sneakers/running shoes/tennis shoes; kneepads; underclothing, sleepwear, towels, casual clothing and comfortable walking shoes or sandals. Bring your swimsuit and a rain jacket.
Alarm clock, toilet/personal items, a small radio is OK (no large stereo units). We do not recommend you bring expensive valuables during your short visit such as watches or jewelry, as it could get lost.
Don’t forget your Doctor’s Permission/Physical and the enclosed Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Form (PPEF) and RELEASE FORM. Campers will not be admitted without completed forms.
We have a volleyball camp store open between all sessions which will have Carolina Volleyball gear, Nike equipment, balls, drinks, pizza after the evening session, etc.
You may want to bring additional spending money for ordering snacks, pizza, soda pop, shopping at the camp store, or on Franklin Street.
No, all extra items will be paid in cash or check or camp store credit; we will not handle your individual expense money. You can purchase a camp store credit certificate when you register.